Can you solve our culinary dilemma?

We've got ourselves into a bit of a mess: when we thought up our new culinary concept, we were so excited about it that we completely overlooked the fact that the child needs a name. And no matter how we twist and turn it: We just can't get used to the terms "¾-board", "75%-board", "not-all-inclusive" or "almost-full-board". Now we had the idea: Why don't we just ask our guests? Because maybe you think one of these names is great and we're the only ones who have a problem with it. Or maybe you'll have a brainwave and come up with a completely new name for our culinary concept. So that you know exactly what we're talking about, we've summarised it for you here:

Breakfast is ready! 
07.00 - 10.30

Rise and shine and get to the breakfast table. With oven-fresh bread. Dewy fresh fruit and vegetables, sausage and cheese from the region, homemade jams and crunchy muesli. There's also delicious coffee. By the pot, if you like.

Small lunch delights
12.00 - 13.30

Perfect for a pick-me-up after an active morning on the Alpe di Siusi: choose between half a dozen hand-picked delicacies. Warm or cold. With meat or without. Hearty or light and airy. The dishes on our lunch menu are not included in the room rate.

Afternoon treat with show effect
15.30 - 17.00

New every day. A new experience every day: our chef reaches into his culinary bag of tricks to surprise you with Kaiserschmarren, goulash soup, Tirtlen or other delicacies.

The Trotzstube invites you to dine
18.00 - 21.00

When the evening settles over the Alpe di Siusi, we cook for you in a big way. The almost legendary reputation that precedes our kitchen team is no coincidence. Let all the good taste of South Tyrol melt in your mouth. In our a la carte restaurant, everything dances to your tune. Whether it's a small, delicious bite or a multi-course menu - enjoy it!

Well, is your mouth watering already? We can understand that. But we'd still like to ask you to keep your taste buds quiet for the time being and let your grey cells run hot instead. What should we call our culinary concept? What is your creative alternative to "¾-board"? Please send us your suggestion by e-mail to If you hit the mark and blow everyone away with your idea, we'll send you a little surprise. 

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