Summer night dreams on the Alpe di Siusi.

The summer nights here in South Tyrol are far too beautiful to sleep in. And although the Alpe di Siusi is always surrounded by a magical aura, the nights of high summer open up whole new worlds. We can't blame our ancestors for telling themselves these stories, of kings, witches, giants and wild women. For when creation is so lavish with natural beauty, things can't be right, can they? Even if you don't believe the ancient legends, a summer night on the Alpe di Siusi is magical.

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The sound of summer.

This soundscape! Into the mountain silence, the cicadas tune into their concert by the hundreds, hardly any other sound reflects summer as much as the rhythmic chirping of these little creatures. Just sit down at the edge of a meadow after sunset, close your eyes and listen. Beautiful, isn't it? And another tip: use the audio recording function of your smartphone and preserve the sound of the Alpe di Siusi summer for grey, cold autumn days.

Glow, you little firefly!

Two hours before midnight, the fireflies, which are actually not worms but beetles, really get into the mood. From around 10 p.m. to midnight, the romantic insects switch on their little lights and compete for the favour of potential love partners. It is a spectacle that cannot be surpassed in terms of magic. Just imagine: You and your sweetheart, snuggled up close and thousands of little lights dancing all around you. So if you're planning to ask your favourite person the question of all questions on holiday, now you know what to do.

Make a wish.

And we have another natural spectacle in store for you: from 17 July to 24 August it rains an especially large number of stars this year. Although, scientifically speaking, that's not quite right, because shooting stars are actually meteors that burn up when they enter the Earth's atmosphere. Think about which wishes you want to send out into the night sky on the shooting star nights. If you have a lot on your wish list, the night of 12-13 August is perfect for you. With a little luck, you can see up to 150 shooting stars per hour flitting across the firmament.


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