The artistic talents from the Alpe di Siusi

Art comes from skill and talent is innate. So which is it? In this issue of our blog, we'll tell you why talent has less to do with genes and more to do with the area, and which fine mind is behind many a pretty object here at the Arvina. By the way: If you never want to miss a story again, subscribe to our newsletter. It's free, but never free and full of great news from the Alpe di Siusi and sensational holiday offers from the Arvina. 

When it comes to talent, the region beats genetics

But now let's get into the topic: In the past it was often said that talents and gifts were innate and that it would just run in the family whether one would become a master on the mail drum or an ace in unicycling. Today, we know a lot more and even better. Because: Whether a talent can fully develop has imposingly little to do with genetic predispositions. Rather, the environment in which we grow up and move should play a role. In concrete terms: the Frida Kahlo of tomorrow will never exist if the little girl has no access to paper and brushes. Or: The next Lionel Messi will have no chance to prove himself if he grows up in a family of couch potatoes. This thesis would also explain why there are so many artistic talents in the area around the Alpe di Siusi: The landscape, the air and the love of it all are and were probably what inspired the legendary song poet Oswald von Wolkenstein to write his verses and the Kastelruther Spatzen to write their hits. But the mountain world between the Sciliar and the Sassolungo is also good for the visual arts. The best example is Kurt Weissenegger, who has left a special mark on our Hotel Arvina with his works.

The creative workshop Gurg Manufaktur

Wood, metal, stone or all of the above: For more than 25 years, Kurt Weissenegger from Siusi has been frolicking on and with a wide variety of materials. What luck for us! Because the creative head of Gurg Manufaktur is always coming up with beautiful things with practical uses or practical things in particularly beautiful shapes for us and: you! As a guest, you can enjoy the objects created by Kurt Weissenegger in many corners of our house. He has designed and realised very unusual tables, lamps and flower pots for us. We particularly enjoy the now iconic fence and the pool cladding in the "Arvina pattern". We are not the only ones who think Kurt and his work are great. He was recently a guest at Milan Design Week 2023 with a selection of his objects, where he was allowed to represent the country together with a handful of other South Tyrolean artists and interior designers. We say: Bravo, Kurt! After all, art comes from skill. And if you're in the mood for the fine arts and a good dose of inspiration, book your holiday here at the Alpe di Siusi. We bet that a break in this region will awaken your dormant talents from a deep sleep.

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