Touching: massage therapist Kerstin Zago

Let's be honest: people who don't like massages are a bit scary for us. But maybe it's because these massage refusers have simply never been on our Kerstin's lounger. Kerstin Zago is a true master of her craft, a woman with magic hands, if you will. She has been touching for 27 years. In the truest sense of the word. We asked Kerstin why she loves her job so much and what her secret is for the "cloud 7 feeling".

Kerstin, what makes a really good massage?

"Touch is a language all of its own. Like music. Every masseur, every masseuse makes his or her hands sound slightly different. Massage is one of the most sensitive arts, once you start, you never stop learning. It's not just about improving techniques or knowledge of anatomy, it's about feeling and being present in the now. Personally, mindful touch in love and awareness of the moment is very important to me."


What can people look forward to as your patient?

"I have been working as a healing masseuse for 27 years and have completed my training with numerous first-class teachers at home and abroad:  From classical sports massage to medical lymphatic drainage, reflexology, cranio-sacral or APM meridian. The goal for me is always to help you find the pulse of your own heart again. Peace within. Peace on the outside. And to feel one's own needs and the body as the temple of the soul again. I also love working with local herbs and oils."


What gives you strength, where and how do you recharge your batteries?

"I was lucky to have grown up in this powerful environment of the Alpe di Siusi. I like to move in this world, be it ski touring in winter or climbing in summer. This, just like the regular practice of yoga or forest bathing, always brings me back to the centre of my being."


You would like to meet Kerstin and enjoy one of her wonderful massages. Here you will find an overview of her services here at Arvina. Perhaps you are also interested in our wellness offers?

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