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Hotel Arvina

Fulfilment through primordial forces

Pamper yourself with a silver quartzite primordial stone massage

Tremendous power is ascribed to silver quartzite and the Hotel Arvina in the Dolomites has harnessed this energy as its own. A silver quartzite primordial stone massage is a combination of soothing wild herbs, warm alpine tree oils, a burnt incense ritual and mystical primordial stone chants to trigger the body’s own self-healing power. These forces stimulate the metabolism and have a purifying effect, promoting a profound serenity and relaxation.

Silver quartzite is mined in South Tyrol and has a very special primal rock energy coming from the crystalline Tauern. Blessed with numerous precious minerals, it is the ideal material for an energy massage.
Starting from the soles of the feet, the heated stone is moved across the whole body in this exceptional massage, stimulating energy points, relieving tension and strengthening the immune system. Gently calmed by the scents emanating from the South Tyrolean mountain world, discover how quickly the stress of everyday life evaporates. This is followed by a peeling with silver quartzite granules to promote blood circulation and purify the skin. A facial massage with the finest lavender oil is the crowning touch, lifting your mood and suffusing you with renewed vitality. A truly unique and beneficial experience.

Natural holiday happiness

Where the mind calms down and the heart beat rises

Patener-Weg 4 - 39040 Siusi allo Sciliar
South Tyrol |  Italy
Phone+39 0471 706436  |  Fax+39 0471 704 976
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