In pursuit of the golden light of the Alpe di Siusi

It covers the landscape like liquid gold. Rays of copper streak across the meadows, forests and mountains. We often have to rub our eyes ourselves and can hardly believe that this light spectacle is actually real. Perhaps this whimsical light that surrounds the Alpe di Siusi like a kind of sepia filter in autumn inspired our ancestors to create the many legends and myths? It's possible. But now back to the here and now. Because in modern times like these, there are supposed to be people who choose their holiday destination according to "Instagram potential". Regardless of whether you belong to this type or not, anyone who likes to take photos should - no, must - have visited the Alpe di Siusi at least once in their life in autumn. The contrasts are sharper than ever, the sky incredibly blue and the motifs endless. Because we are so often asked where the yield of an autumnal photo safari is particularly fat, we have put together our three favourite photo hotspots around the Alpe di Siusi.

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1. St. Valentine's Church

Surrounded by fields and meadows, framed by the Sciliar, it stands there as if painted, the little St. Valentine's church above Siusi. Whichever way you turn, this picturesque building has a nostalgic postcard charm and is a worthwhile photo motif in autumn. Especially when the rocks of the Sciliar have been sugared overnight with the first snow of the year.

2. ruins of Hauenstein

It's easy to let your imagination run away with you here. Pack your best coat of armour or - if you have it - your chain mail and pose in front of the mystical medieval atmosphere of the Hauenstein castle ruins. The ruins are located on the Oswald von Wolkenstein Trail and are a good hour's walk from Siusi. The walk is well worth it, as the view from up here is also beautiful.

3. Königswarte

Landscape photographers - and inside - will also find their happiness at the old cult site "Königswarte". You walk slightly uphill from the Laranz sports field in a fairytale forest setting. Not for nothing did Ötzi's contemporaries already know this special spot on earth. Whether it's a dream panorama or small wonders along the way - the "Laranzer-Runde" is perfect for an autumnal photo safari.

And now it's your turn! Show us your best autumn photos from the Alpe di Siusi. Send us a message on Instagram or - and even better - show them to us on site.


Hotel temporarily closed
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