There is a magic in all beginnings...

You can think what you like about Marie Kondo and Co. But the "tidying queens" are right about one thing: decluttering is good for the soul. So that space is created. To breathe again. To revive. And for something new. That is exactly what we have done. But don't worry, we've only brought down the wrecking ball on the digital side. But we did it properly:


New design, new stories, new texts - we're having a blast with our new website and can't wait to hear your feedback. Maybe you'd like to click through in a quiet minute and tell us how you like it! We'd love to hear from you by email, on the phone or via PM on our social media channels.


But the real showstopper is something "real". The new centrepiece of our house is not made of flesh and blood, but of the finest stainless steel: from may 14th  2022, you can dive into our new infinity pool and swim your laps on a whole 12 by 6.5. Always in view: The majestic Schlern. And because only the best is good enough for you, we have also installed a counter-current system and a whirlpool.


To ensure that you never miss out on relaxation, you can also look forward to new reclining sofas in the sauna area and new relaxation loungers by the whirlpool. Just the thought of it is wonderfully relaxing, isn't it?


And because good food and drink keep body and soul together, and because we South Tyroleans think so highly of our wine traditions, we have also treated ourselves to a new wine cabinet. This way, our liquid treasures are not only in the best of hands, but always arrive in your glass at the perfect temperature.


With this in mind, here's to the new! We can't wait to toast it with you!

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